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The New F-150 Raptor Is Still Badass, But Is It Now More Livable Too?

The original Raptor wasn't exactly the ideal city car.

The original Ford F-150 Raptor launched in 2010 and instantly became the dream ride for many truck enthusiasts in America. A potent 6.2-liter engine provided immense power and sound at the expense of your wallet. The new Raptor should be easier on your gas budget with a new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with twin-turbochargers. That new engine will be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission for even better fuel economy. Ford has not announced MPG numbers, but it won’t be hard to beat the old model’s 11/16 mpg city/highway.

The redesigned Raptor clearly continues where the old model left off. Aggressive body work featuring widened wheel arches and off-roading wheels and shocks make the new Raptor look just as badass as before. While all of these features make the Raptor the most off-road capable truck on the market, they also make it difficult to live with every day. The original Raptor may have been able to conquer deserts and frozen tundras, but the truck's immense size made your daily commute to the local grocery store much more difficult. The Raptor was so wide that going through an automated car wash was rendered impossible. SuperCrew models with four full size doors had difficulty even fitting into a regular sized parking spot.

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If you did manage to squeeze your Raptor into a tight city parking spot, chances are you ran out of gas driving around searching for a spot that could fit your enormous truck. Hopefully the new Raptor with the new EcoBoost V6 will make a more suitable daily driver. An all-new Terrain Management System will allow drivers to change the driving characteristics of the new Raptor from six preset modes. This will allow the Raptor to switch from a normal riding truck, to an off-road monster, then to a racing car and back at the push of a button. After seeing the new Raptor, we can tell you that Ford has succeeded once again on the styling front. Hopefully the new adjustable driving modes will turn this off-road monster into a practical daily-driver.