The New FF Gran Turismo Makes Grand Entrance in South Korea

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Ferrari put on a real show to wow their faithful South Korean following.

We all know how much the South Koreans love a good show, and that's what they were treated to as Ferrari decided to showcase their new FF GT to the South Korean market at a launch event in downtown Seoul. 100 lucky journalists were standing by at the five-star resort Tree Club & Spa as a welcoming parade or 'Cheeta' took place, with traditional trumpets and Korean drums providing the music and men dressed in customary regalia flanking the prestigious Ferrari all-wheel-drive.

Enrico Galliera, one of the many Ferrari officials at the presentation commented: "I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your strong passion and support for Ferrari over the past years and we are confident that you will all appreciate the sensational new FF." Whilst Mr Young-Sik Kim, acting CEO of FMK Corporation, said "The high-performance FF is the most practical and luxurious model in the history of the Ferrari brand. It asserts what the 'Extreme GT' is all about."

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