The New Fisker Karma Won't Look Different from the Old One

It won't be state-of-the-art anymore, but it likely won't catch on fire this time around.

When Fisker ran Fisker, things didn’t go so well. In fact, Henrik Fisker quit his own company just before it completely collapsed. But that’s all in the past now because the extended-range hybrid luxury carmaker has a new Chinese owner who is dedicated to making things work this time. No reason why Fisker can’t be given a second chance. Chinese auto parts supplier Wanxiang Group bought Fisker earlier this year and has promised to get Karma production up and running again very soon.

So that begs the question: Will there be significant or any changes made to the reborn Karma? According to a new report from Reuters, this "new" Karma "will have to be nearly identical to the 2012 model, or it would need to go through (safety) testing and certification again." However, a source close to Fisker stated that the reintroduced Karma will not be 100 percent identical to the 2012 car, and it will have "noticeable upgrades." No specific details were given, but it’s fair to assume Wanxiang is fixing many of the quality issues that plagued Karma 1.0. Design and technology wise, nothing much will likely change, meaning Karma 2.0 won’t be state-of-the-art. Hopefully it won’t catch on fire this time around.

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