The New Focus RS Is Being Automatically Marked Up By $15,000


Thanks to your friendly local Ford dealership.

We figured this was going to happen and now we're hearing of the first instances. According to a Reddit user and a few additional sources, US Ford dealerships are jacking up the price tag of the new Focus RS by at least $15,000. Reddit user "boostedb1mmer" claims he went to his local Ford dealer to place an order for an RS and was told that there'd be an automatic $15K mark up. Total cost out the door would be north of $50,000. The dealer claimed "difficulties in obtaining the vehicle" but we all know that's the, more or less, bullshit excuse.


The hopeful buyer walked out the door. Dealerships are simply doing it because they can. Anything to make an extra buck (in this case 15,000 more). And that's why dealership franchise owners, lobbyists, and some politicians are being so aggressive in fighting Tesla's direct sales method. So if you want a new Focus RS, get ready to pay BMW M2 money.

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