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The New Ford Ranger Gets An Even Bigger Array Of Accessories

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Yakima's outdoor-adventure gear comes direct from Ford dealers.

Few vehicles tend to be accessorized quite as extensively as pickup trucks. Ford knows that as well as any manufacturer, so to offer buyers of the new Ranger as many options as possible, it's teaming up with one of the biggest outdoor-equipment outfitters in the business.

Starting early next year, Ford dealers will sell Yakima accessories right from the showroom, ranging from bed covers and roof racks to lock kits. The plan is to extend the partnership to the F-150 and Explorer as well. And since they're being offered as official Ford Accessories, they're all covered by a three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

The list of available Yakima equipment encompasses some three dozen items, mostly geared towards outdoor-adventure enthusiasts. There's a two-person tent, a tailgate bike rack, kayak and canoe carriers, light brackets, and all manner of accessories for those accessories. All this in addition to the extensive range of equipment Ford already offers for the Ranger, including ranging from a Borla performance exhaust and intake snorkel to seat covers and first-aid kits – whatever you could need, in short, to make your pickup your own.

"We know our customers see their vehicles as extensions of themselves," said Eric Cin, Ford's head of vehicle personalization.

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"With the addition of Yakima accessories, Ford aims to enhance the experiences of adventure-driven customers by delivering innovative solutions such as truck bed racks that preserve cargo space by lifting kayaks, bikes and skis off the floor of the bed. It's about making each adventure better."

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) projects that customers will spend some $45 billion on personalizing their vehicles this year, roughly half of which is provided by aftermarket suppliers. Little wonder, then, that Ford wants to take a bigger slice of that pie, and offer its customers more options in the process.