The New GT-R Track Edition Is One Godzilla Americans Will Be OK Without

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It's a cheap, hardcore alternative to the GT-R Nismo

So far Nissan has only announced two US-bound trims for the 2017 GT-R: the entry-level Premium model and the top-tier Nismo edition. Abroad it's a different story. There's the Premium, Prestige, Black and Nismo. Now you can add the Track Edition to that list. It slots just below the Nismo and has a price tag of £91,995 ($119,452). It will pack the same engine tune as the base model, meaning that its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 will make 565 horsepower and 467 lb-ft of torque. So what makes it worth the extra money?

Strangely enough the features for the Track Edition vary by country, but here's what all models will have in common: a wider front bumper, a bespoke Bilstein Damptronic suspension system tuned for the track, a lightweight anti-roll bar and forged 20-inch aluminum wheels. Oh, and there's also a carbon "Track Edition" badge stuck to the dashboard. So what are the country-specific goodies? Nissan didn't fully reveal them but did give a few examples. German GT-R Track Editions will get carbon fiber-backed seats as standard but the car's carbon fiber wing is optional. In the UK the spoiler is standard but the seats come are Recaro. As far as the interior goes, the same tech from the entry-level model is carried over with nothing changing by country.

Again, Nissan didn't announce whether or not the new GT-R Track Edition would make it stateside but to us it doesn't seem likely. The last and only Track Edition we got was a special edition limited to just 150 units. It's more likely that the next GT-R announced for the US will be the Black Edition. While more GT-Rs are never a bad thing, the Track Edition seems like a model Americans can live without. Yes, it's a slightly less expensive offering than the wallet-killing Nismo but it isn't more powerful than the base model, although it will be better around the track. However, while it will be more fun to take out on Sundays, the deletion of the rear seats means that it will also be less livable. Oh, and Jeremy Clarkson called it one of the 10 worst cars he's recently driven.

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