The New Honda Civic Hatchback Will Hold You Over Until The Type R

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The 10th generation Civic is all-new from the ground up, and it looks great.

We've seen the press images for a while now, but here at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, we were finally able to see the all-new Honda Civic Hatchback. The original concept for the Civic was, "a car for all people, a car for the world" and it does look like a great daily driver. It's wider, longer and lower than previous models; these changes give it a sportier and more aggressive look, although it's far off the looks of the Type R prototype that Honda also brought to Paris.

The all-new offering features a lightweight, highly rigid body shell and a sophisticated new suspension setup that Honda tells us "contributes to an engaging and fun driving experience." The lower center of gravity, helped along with the relocation of the fuel tank, puts the driver 35 mm closer to the road, which results in a sporty feel. Higher grade Civics will feature a four-point adaptive damper system allowing the driver to tailor the ride to the current road conditions. Honda claims the new Civic to be the agilest and dynamically proficient model ever. The interior is tech-packed and uncluttered and the Honda Connect infotainment system now incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

We drove the Honda Civic Sedan earlier in the year and really enjoyed it despite the CVT. But the new Civic Hatchback is designed to be the sportiest model around, as evidenced by the souped-up (relatively speaking) Sport and Sport Touring trims that boost the power of the 1.5-liter turbo to 180 horsepower and (over 174 hp). Then there's the fact that the hatchback is the only model where you can combine the six-speed manual with the turbo engine, but that's set to change with the 2017 models. Engines are nice, but looks are also important. In the metal, the new hatchback looks especially aggressive with front and rear end designs that look more striking than anything seen on the sedan or coupe.

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That centrally mounted twin-exhaust was also a nice touch. The high-tech LED headlights on the top model look just right as well. Inside it's still a Civic, which means a bland-ish interior (at least that's how we saw it) and Honda's semi-annoying touchscreen. After seeing the Civic Hatchback up close we're convinced that it is the best the 10th gen of the model has to offer. It offers the interior space of the sedan and is much sportier than the Coupe. Until the Type R and Si hit showrooms this is the Civic you should be eyeing if you want to have a bit of fun out on the road. Check out our live shots from Paris and let us know if you agree.

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