The New Honda Civic Si Will Be Less Powerful Than We Thought

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Why the power gap between the Si and Type R?

A majority of Honda performance news lately has been focused on the new Civic Type R, and rightly so. America is about to finally receive the hot hatch many have been clamoring after for years. But also remember Honda is also about to launch another performance Civic, the new Si coupe and sedan, and according to a member of the CivicX forum, it's going to be less powerful than we thought. The member claims they're subscribed to a Honda email list to receive Si updates, and the latest email says it'll have a total of 192 lb-ft of torque.

That's only decent, not great, because the new Si will be powered by the same turbocharged 1.4-liter four that makes 177 lb-ft in the new Civic hatch (not the Type- R). The outgoing Civic Si, for comparison, is powered by a naturally aspirated four-cylinder with 174 lb-ft. An additional 18 lb-ft of twist is still an improvement, especially for a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Honda hasn't released official horsepower ratings for the new Civic Si, but based on this latest piece of information, a pretty good guess will be around 225 to 230 hp or so. Remember, the current Civic Si has 205 ponies, so the new car will be more powerful but still leaves a gap between it and the Type R. Kind of surprising Honda didn't want to close that gap.

And because Ford and Volkswagen upped their games with the Focus RS and Golf R, respectively, the new Civic Si will compete with the Focus ST and GTI, whereas the Type R will handle those all-wheel drive animals. Expect to see the 2018 Honda Civic Si coupe and sedan debut sometime this summer.

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