The New Honda NSX is Already Sold Out in the UK

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Fire extinguisher not included.

For the past two years or so, Honda dealers in the UK have been accepting orders for the upcoming 2015 NSX. It'll be sold as an Acura in the US. And during that time, some 100 orders have been placed – enough to confirm that the first year's allocation has been sold out. Basically, these anxious buyers have put down a £5,000 deposit without ever seeing the actual production-spec NSX. Like you and everyone else, they've only viewed the concept. Apparently that's more than good enough.

The production NSX is expected to have its official premiere in January at the Detroit Auto Show. No word yet as to whether US buyers have been as serious as their UK counterparts. Still, it's quite impressive that the new NSX has this much popularity already. We know it'll be limited-volume, but based on this initial demand, Honda may opt to increase future production. For anyone in the UK who missed out on the NSX, Honda dealers have just opened the order books for the new Civic Type-R hot hatch. Yeah, we know. It's still no NSX. Let's also hope Honda engineers have figured what caused an NSX prototype to burn to a crisp while testing at the Nurburgring a while back. Definitely want to solve that.

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