The New, Hopefully Less Dorky Subaru XV Crosstrek Is Coming To Geneva

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Yes, it's still a lifted Impreza hatch. That's a good thing.

We recently spent a week driving the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, formerly called the XV Crosstrek. (The "XV" part was later dropped in the US.) And now Subaru is gearing up to unveil the second generation model at Geneva this March. This teaser image was just released by the automaker and, if you look closely, it's actually pretty revealing. The exterior design, at least from the side, is more crisp and defined than today's Crosstrek, much in the same way the latest Impreza, on which the Crosstrek is based, compares to its immediate predecessor.

Remember, the Crosstrek is essentially a raised version of the Impreza five-door hatchback with additional body cladding to give it a sportier, more outdoorsy look. In fact, Subaru brought its XV Concept to the Swiss show just last year, so it makes sense that the production version will be revealed there just 12 months later. Overall we liked the concept, but it's doubtful the orange wheel trim will make production. Subaru described its new XV as "a compact SUV with a personality packed exterior." We'll see. No word on what's under the hood but a very good bet would be the latest Impreza's 2.0-liter Boxer four-cylinder engine. We'll bring you full coverage from Geneva in March.

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