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The New Hyundai Sonata May Just Kill the Hyundai Azera

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Is there enough room in the lineup for both?

The fact is that the Hyundai Azera is not selling so well. Despite being a solid all-around large sedan with plenty of premium features, the current second-generation Azera has yet to catch on with US buyers. Its younger brother, the Sonata, however, has been a phenomenal success. The all-new 2015 Sonata has also grown both inside and out. It has a more conservative design that'll likely be more appealing to older buyers – the very ones the Azera is meant to target.

When compared sales wise against its direct rivals, such as the Toyota Avalon and Buick LaCrosse, the Azera is clearly lagging as well. For example, just 4,191 Azeras have been sold so far since June of this year, a number that's down from 5,792 from June 2013. Compare those numbers to 32,013 Avalons and 25,280 LaCrosses that have moved off dealer lots so far this year alone. And now that a bigger and more premium Sonata is about to hit the market, the Azera's long-term chance for survival is looking pretty grim. For now, Hyundai says there are no plans to drop the Azera, but let's wait and see what the final end-of-year numbers are. What's pretty obvious, however, is that a third-gen Azera won't happen.

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