The New Karma Revero Is As Intriguing As It Is Beautiful

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Just like the original Fisker Karma, then.

Countless cars over the years have been killed off before their time, and perhaps the most prominent recent example of this trend was the Fisker Karma. Here was a gorgeous and innovative range extender grand tourer that promised buyers the most efficient and comfortable way in which to crush continents, and yet an unfortunate series of events lead to the Fisker's demise. Like the proverbial phoenix, though, Karma has been reborn, via the brand new Karma Revero you see below in the first official image of the car.


Though Karma has officially shown off this new vehicle, very few technical specs have been disclosed at the moment. It's not even known what the powertrain is, other than it'll be a gas-electric setup with at least 240 combined horsepower and the capacity to run in electric mode purely off a roof-mounted solar panel. Likewise, the only interior image we currently have of the vehicle is of the new infotainment display that's claimed to "represent a departure from the norm" by being "simple, intuitive and beautiful". Pretty bold words, if we do say so ourselves, but the photo we've been provided of the touchscreen menu does certainly give credibility to the 'simple' and 'beautiful' assertions.

With order books being opened to the general public on September 8 (hence the countdown timer on the official Karma website), more information on the Revero will soon be made available. Until then, all that's left to do now is make do with the additional announcement video and images of the Karma Revero that you'll find below.

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