The New Lexus Hoverboard Video Is The Ultimate Tease

Shut up and take our money.

Only a month ago Lexus released a video teasing its latest project. No, it wasn’t another Japanese luxury sedan or sports car, but a real-life working hoverboard powered by magnetic levitation. The Lexus hoverboard was obviously inspired by "Back to the Future Part II" (it's 2015 after all) and became very popular over the internet as it went totally viral for 48 hours. Well, Lexus is now back at it again. Not content with the massive popularity the first time, it's now released another short clip teasing that awesome hoverboard project.

The new clip features pro skater and one of the world’s first "hoverboarders", Ross McGouran, giving a brief breakdown of the differences between traditional skateboarding and skating on the friction-less Lexus hoverboard. Check it out.

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