The New Lincoln Continental Concept Is Here And It's Absolutely Gorgeous


Has Lincoln finally found its mojo?

Ford promised a year or so ago it would invest heavily in its struggling Lincoln brand. The new Continental Concept you’re looking at is proof of Ford’s commitment to getting Lincoln back on track. Revealed online just ahead of its official live debut at the New York Auto Show, the Continental Concept is actually a direct preview of the production version. That’s right, Lincoln has already confirmed a new Continental is heading for showrooms and will premiere next year.

For today though, the Continental Concept is, obviously, a large sedan that takes into account Lincoln’s history of big cars. Just look at all that chrome trim and in-your-face Cadillac styling. If Lincoln was looking for a sedan to revive its identity, then this is it. The concept shown here is painted in Rhapsody Blue metallic with 21-inch polished aluminum wheels. Also check out what Lincoln calls "E-Latch" pop-out door handles. Yes, kind of like the units found on the Tesla Model S. Power comes from what’s being called a "Lincoln Exclusive" 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost. Interestingly, nothing’s been said regarding the drivetrain. Is it RWD? AWD? As long as it’s not FWD then we’re cool. Three driving modes are offered: normal, sport and comfort.

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The concept also features driver assist technologies like Enhanced Park Assist, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Protection, and a 360-degree camera that transmits images to an in-dash screen.

Step inside and you’ll see an equally gorgeous interior, decked out with 30-way seats, soft-gold LED ambient lighting, and even a front passenger seat that fully reclines. Rear seat passengers are equally pampered with their own climate control settings and a Revel Ultima sound system with three surround modes.

There’s also a tinted sunroof with something called SPD SmartGlass. According to Lincoln, this tech "allows passengers to create ambience, while blocking 99 percent of UV rays and maintaining and reducing interior temperature by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit." And yes, there are also rear lap trays, a champagne storage compartment, and leather travel bags. More details and live photos to come in just a couple more days.