The New Mansory G-Wagen Is A Tribute To The Absurd

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This car will certainly create more strong opinions.

Mansory and the Mercedes-AMG G63 have paired up again to make a build with an angrier V8-powered brute, now with added Swarovski crystals in the mix.

The brand has done more outrageous G-Wagens than we care to count and even built a pickup at one point. But this new one may garner more hate. This one, rather fittingly, is called "Algorithmic Fade," although we think it'd be better served being called the "Sensory Overload." But to each their own.

Changes start with some typical tuning, driving power all the way up to 838 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. And that's just the start, with things only getting more wild from there.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

Mansory installs its own custom front bumper, rear bumper, rear spoiler, and fender trim. It also adds Mansory-branded covers to the exhaust. The custom hood is done up in forged carbon fiber, as are the leading edge of the roof and Merc tri-star badge, now replaced by a Mansory logo. Then the ensemble is painted in a two-tone blue and black color scheme with a geometric pattern fade from front to back.

Of course, that color scheme also includes the wheels and brake calipers. Those wheels, by the way, measure 24 inches in diameter, making the tires look like rubber bands.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

Above, we hastily mentioned power specs without revealing how Mansory has gotten its AMG G63 there. Unfortunately, Mansory didn't say either. However, given previous builds Mansory has done, we're betting the modifications were relatively minor, consisting of a new exhaust, ECU tune, and maybe some intake parts. Bolt-ons go a long way with modern turbo engines, but the turbos themselves have likely been replaced with larger items.

Regardless, this wild SUV isn't really about the power. Instead, the focus is on its rather "unique" aesthetics. Of course, the same can be said for the interior, which makes the stock car's monochromatic cabin look like a tuner Civic from the early 2000s.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

The cockpit has been totally reupholstered. Mansory calls the turquoise blue color "Feroza," a color choice that spreads all the way from the headliner to the leather replacement floor mats. What isn't leather is carbon, typical of Mansory. That's true of the steering wheel as well, which gets a custom Mansory logo in the middle. There's also special 3D embossing found throughout.

Mansory had the G built to showcase what its new Mansory bespoke division will do for the brand's customers. Think of this like Porsche's Exclusive Manufaktur. Basically, Mansory will do literally anything you want to the car for the well-heeled, money-is-no-object (taste isn't either) customer.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

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