The New McLaren 570GT Is The Supercar You'll Want To (And Can) Drive Daily

2016 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

We get an up-close look at McLaren's new monster.

Like most automakers, McLaren showed off its newest creation the week before the 2016 Geneva Motor Show kicked off. However, as we all know there's a difference between seeing a car in press images and in the metal. As such we're happy to bring you images of the all-new McLaren 570GT straight from Geneva. In case you have a short memory, the 570GT is the newest addition to the Sports Series and is designed to be as livable as a supercar boasting a top speed north of 200 mph can be.

All that livability is thanks to added storage space. We've seen some supercars that can barely hold two grocery bags. The McLaren 570GT isn't in that league. Aside from its tinted panoramic roof, the biggest new addition here is its side-opening rear hatch. According to Evo, that along with its trunk space gives the 570GT more storage space than a Ford Focus. That's just nuts for a car that packs a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 good for 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. Remember that whole thing about a car looking different in the metal than in press photos? Well the 570GT looks just as good in the flesh as it does when captured by a professional photographer working with a full army of photo editors.

The primary feature that makes the car more doable as a daily driver, the rear hatch, looks great when closed. This proves you don't need to sacrifice good looks to add practicality. Oh, and it also helps when the "Touring Deck," as McLaren calls the new storage space, is lined with leather. The rear hatch almost serves as an extension of the panoramic glass roof, a feature which should prove stunning in certain settings and scenery. While McLaren didn't exactly reinvent the wheel here the automaker did prove that supercar companies don't just need to focus on what's under the hood when it comes to adding model variations. We doubt a company like Lamborghini would ever tout livability but a car like the 570GT could change the game.

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