The New Mercedes A-Class Poaches CLS Styling In This Rendering


Does the entry-level car look even better than the CLS?

For the first time ever, Mercedes-Benz is planning to sell its entry-level A-Class in the US. Chances are we will still get an AMG version and possibly some diesel engines. To date, the closest things that the US has had to the A-Class were the CLA coupe and the GLA crossover. This new A-Class will likely be sold as a sedan rather than a hatchback in the US, but we are still excited for it based on what we have seen so far. Mercedes has only shown off a few concept photos and some shots of the interior, but we have a good idea of what the A-Class will be like.

Japanese publication, Response, decided that it wanted to have an even better idea of what the A-Class could look like, and decided to do a very realistic rendering. The design is based on spy shots as well as the recently revealed CLS coupe. Obviously, this rendering is of the hatchback model, which will likely only be available outside of the US. The final design may look slightly different from this rendering, but we wouldn't be surprised if the end result looked remarkably similar to this design. After taking it all in, we prefer it to the current CLA, especially when we factor in the new interior, which is a huge improvement over the old design.

Expect to see the official reveal of the W177 A-Class at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March. Until then, get excited for an affordable Mercedes that finally has an interior that is befitting of a true luxury car.


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