The New Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Concept Is Absolutely Breathtaking

2015 Tokyo Motor Show

The Vision Tokyo Concept has officially been revealed.

Just yesterday we featured a teaser photo released by Mercedes-Benz of its brand new Vision Tokyo concept. The futuristic luxury autonomous van is now due to make its official appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show this Thursday. The Vision Tokyo concept bears a striking resemblance to the autonomous F 015 Luxury in Motion concept that Mercedes unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Much like the F 015, the Vision Tokyo is strictly a concept model.

It also has the same hardware as the F 015 such as the wirelessly rechargeable high-voltage battery. However, the Vision Tokyo is noticeably beefier and features a bevy of cool features that set it apart from the former. The car has chunky 26-inch wheels with blue illumination in the center of the rims as well as blue illuminated side skirts and front grille.

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The concept also features a roof mounted 360-degree camera, a stretched windscreen and upward-swinging doors that open up to a spacious cabin which houses a huge C-shaped couch with room for five passengers. The interior is decked with wraparound LCD screens and a 3D holographic entertainment system, featuring apps and maps, emerges from the center of the vehicle. Although the concept is primarily an autonomous vehicle it can also be piloted manually via a stowed away driver’s seat that can be released from the center of the couch. The vehicle has a range of 609 miles on its electric hybrid setup. 118 miles worth of energy comes from the battery and 491 miles worth of energy comes from the electricity produced by its fuel cell.