The New Mercedes CLS Will Be Bigger, More Powerful And Still Dead Sexy

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It's not always a bad thing when a car grows in size, especially when you're talking power.

Mercedes went on a tear in 2016, rolling out many new models and refreshing old ones. The story for 2017 will be much the same, with the new CLS set to remind people which company started the whole modern four-door coupe fad. Our spies spotted the sedan out for testing in Germany covered head-to-toe in camo. That means it's probably not due to debut for a few more months, if it does indeed show its face so soon. Despite the lack of official info there is plenty to glean from these spy shots and from what we already know about the new E-Class.

The four-door coupe is based on the E-Class and sits just below the S-Class. To illustrate this the forthcoming model will be longer and wider than its predecessor. The size difference is noticeable, although the sedan still looks sexy and its roofline is as rakish as ever. Despite the layers of camouflage you can clearly see a prominent decklid spoiler. Hopefully it's more of a functional aero bit and less of a cosmetic addition. The CLS will ditch its base turbocharged V6 engine in favor of the new turbocharged inline-six developed for the E-Class. The new 3.0-liter engine is rated at 408 horsepower. If that figure is left unchanged it would represent a 79-horsepower boost over the current 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 offered in the base CLS400.

The AMG version will also receive a power bump, that is if it gets the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 the new E63 AMG is packing. Of course not every model can be hot and not every piece of news good. A hybrid CLS is also expected and the shooting brake body style is expected to be killed off. Also, contrary to earlier reports it appears as though Mercedes will leave well enough alone with regard to the model's name. There was talk of renaming the four-door coupe the CLE given its similarities to the E-Class. The "CLS" name would have been used to denote hopped-up models. Our spies say that's no longer the case. Then again, this is Mercedes... A Geneva reveal seems unlikely given all the camo. Our money is on Frankfurt in the fall for an official debut.

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