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The New Mercedes SL Just Leaked Out In Full Before Its Official LA Debut

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You tell us if it's prettier than the current offering.

Mercedes-Benz either needs to fire someone or is really good at drumming up publicity. Why do we say that? Well, photos of the all-new SL have leaked before its official debut at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. This leak is Titanic-sized and consists of some 30 photos in total. What they show is an SL that is decidedly less ugly than its predecessor. We don't know the range of engines but there are V12 badges which means a V12 is in the mix. Yeah, we figured that out all by ourselves.

Said V12 will likely sit in the range-topping SL AMG65. But how do you tell the AMGs (don't forget the AMG63) apart from the base model? For starters, there are different grille designs for the AMG versions, with the base model getting a unique design that looks almost like a star-filled sky…at least to us. The AMG versions sport more traditional grilles as well. Between the AMG models, well, just bear with us. The AMG63 has carbon fiber accents on the bumpers and side sills whereas the AMG65 has silver accents. The AMG63 has black wheels whereas the AMG65 has silver ones. Both sport badging on the fenders.

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So now that you why each trim is better than the one before it, what do you think of the design overall? It's definitely better than the current-generation SL and looks especially fetching from above with the top down. That being said the rear looks a bit blocky and it's a bit ugly with the hardtop up. But hey, that front end looks damn good and those hood vents are super awesome! The interior is also plush and the display screen for the infotainment center is slightly bigger. We'll know more about the SL, including its engine sizes and details on its five driving modes, and have live shots of it when Mercedes shows it off at the LA Auto Show.