The New Mill Blackbird Can Transform Into Any Car In The World

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This awesome piece of technology will change the future of car commercials.

We love car commercials that feature a beautiful car blasting down a narrow and winding road with its exhaust noise echoing through the hills. Unfortunately, many of these ads use tons of CGI as well as replica cars. Sometimes, when an ad team is tasked with doing a commercial, they can't even get a hold of the car that they need to film. That is where the Mill Blackbird comes in. This new electric car rig can be programmed to mimic the dynamic abilities of any car. Basically, an ad team can film the Blackbird and use CGI to to transform it into any car.

The Mill is a studio that films car advertisements, such as the Jaguar "British Villains" commercial. The Mill says that "the biggest challenges facing automotive advertising are car availability, and subsequent model revisions."

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We always hate seeing an advertisement for a car that we already know has been replaced. With the help of the Blackbird, car commercials can now be updated without needing to re-film the entire commercial with a new car. The Blackbird gets its name from the Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" because it was actually built in the same hangar as the Mach 3 long-range aircraft. The Blackbird looks amazing, but being able to transform into virtually any car in the world makes it even more mind-blowing.

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