The New Mustang Convertible Can Carry Your Precious Golf Bags


Hey, it's an important issue for many buyers.

It can be fun to watch automakers do their own online advertising. The content often falls somewhere between outright exaggeration (aka bullshit) and actual facts. Sometimes that advertising is more of an infomercial with a technical or engineering focus. And yes, that can be ridiculously boring. But Ford is apparently anxious for everyone to know more about its totally new 2015 Mustang Convertible, specifically the new single latch system.

It's actually quite an impressive thing. Just as important: the new top is electrical. It's not hydraulic like the outgoing model and can now lower itself in half the time the old top would take. And if you're a golfer fear not: a pair of golf bags will easily fit into the convertible's trunk. Consider us impressed, even though none of us here play golf.

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