The New Mustang is a Bit Chubbier Than We Thought

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It's not fat....just slightly festively plump, but NOT by 200-300 lbs.

In today's auto industry, cutting down on weight has become the name of the game in an effort to also improve fuel economy. Look at the all-new Ford F-150 as one example. Ford's all-new 2015 Mustang, as it turns out, is actually slightly heavier than its immediate predecessor. According to the Mustang6G forum, who managed to snag a dealer order guide a few weeks early, the new Mustang GT equipped with a six-speed manual will weigh 3,704 lbs. – 86 lbs. heavier than the 2014 model.

For the base V6 Mustang, the 2015 model will be 25 lbs. heavier than before. Now, considering the new Mustang is packed with a ton of new technology as well as an independent rear suspension in place of that old solid rear axle, the weight gain is really not that bad. So in other words, last week's rumor, about a 200-300 lb. weight gain isn't true at all. The new pony car, size wise, is also very similar to the outgoing model. But Ford is still promising even better all-around performance for both V6 and V8 models. No word yet on how much the turbo four model will weigh, but don't expect any significant gain here as well.

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