The New Nissan Leaf Doesn't Look Completely Terrible

Spy Shots

Then again, it doesn't have much to live up to.

We recently learned more about the upcoming second generation Nissan Leaf, specifically its new "e-pedal" technology, allowing the driver to accelerate, decelerate and brake with just one pedal. In light of new competition, specifically the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3, the new Leaf not only has to have impressive range and technology, but it has to look good. The current Leaf looks like a motorized golf cart. Fortunately, it appears that will be changing thanks to these spy images caught by Norway TV2’s Broom, via Electrek.

We know these images aren’t exactly in focus, but we still get a clear enough idea that the new Leaf actually looks pretty darn decent. The images were taken during a shoot for promotional purposes in Spain, so there’s no camouflage here; this is the final production model. It’s not hard to notice the new Leaf features Nissan’s current styling language, specifically that V-motion front fascia. Gone are those bug-eye headlights, replaced with a sharper design. The C-pillar looks like it was taken directly from the Murano crossover. Overall, the redesigned Leaf is bigger and more aggressively styled than its bland-looking predecessor. But honestly, there wasn’t much room for the new design to be duller.

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Word has it that Nissan will reveal the new Leaf next month, so we’ll obviously learn more shortly. Aside from the better design and greater interior space, the EV will have a range of 165 miles on a single charge. That’s not good enough these days, but rumor has it that range is for the base model only and its 40 kWh battery pack. An optional 60 kWh battery is also expected, and that will get the new Leaf to achieve over 200 miles per charge. Again, we’ll hopefully have complete details in the near future.