The New Panamera And A Mighty M7 Caught Preparing To Dominate Paris Motor Show

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Our spy photographers caught the two behemoths out in the wild.

Thanks to our spy photographers we now know that Germany is planning two all-new and gigantic sedans. The one we have the best shots of is the new Porsche Panamera which was caught almost camo-free at the Nurburgring. The other car in question is the BMW M7. We know what you're thinking: This looks exactly like a regular 7 Series and isn't exactly clad in camouflage. Well, you're right. But, take a closer look at those cross-drilled brake rotors. They wouldn't put those on a car for fun, would they?

We'll get to the Panamera in a quick second, but first we want to speculate on the possibility of an M7. Now aside from its brakes there's not much here to suggest that this is indeed an M7 test mule. However, our spy photographers did say that they spotted this massive (potential) sports sedan out testing with a bunch of other M cars. So either BMW brought a 7 Series to Sweden to test news brakes or something else is up. Remember that the automaker recently announced its intention to expand the M line. BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich also said in a recent interview that the company would like to slot a car above the 7 Series and sell it for around $170,000.

Technically the new M760i xDrive and the Alpina B7 xDrive are at the top of the totem pole already. What's interesting is that both put out 600 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque but from two different engines. The M760i has a 6.6-liter V12 and the B7 packs a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. Which of these would sit in a potential M7 or would the car pack a new engine entirely? We have a ton of questions about a possible M7 but less about the new Panamera. The test model spotted at the Nurburgring looks a million times better than the one currently on sale. Despite being just a bit ugly the Panamera has been a sales hit. The aging four-door sold 4,986 units in 2015, making up almost 10 percent of the automaker's US sales.

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From these spy shots we can see the Panamera has been given a significant nip and tuck with its bulbous rear end brought in. Despite its sleeker look the new four-door will apparently be both longer and wider. The car should also lose some weight-potentially 200 pounds or so-thanks to the new MSB platform it sits on, which uses a mixture of high-strength steel, aluminum and composite materials. The new Panamera will be offered as both a sedan and a wagon, which makes sense as the first-gen model looked like a cross between the two. Now it already packs a ton of engine options and we expect the majority of those to carry over, especially the twin-turbo V6 and hybrid powertrains (obviously).

Hopefully the new sedan will be able to do more with its power thanks to its weight loss, although you could never really accuse the car of being slow. We expect to see the new Panamera in its production form later in the year at the Paris Motor Show. As for the M7, well we wouldn't be surprised if BMW also brought it to the show, albeit in concept form.

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