The New Porsche 919 Has An Engine Design We Hardly See Anymore

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Now, how about a road-going version?

Many are obsessed with hardcore Porsche road cars like the 911 R and GT3 RS, but Porsche makes some incredible race cars as well. Perhaps one of the coolest Porsche race cars is the 919 Hybrid Le Mans endurance racer. The 919 has been with us since the 2014 racing season, and it has just been redesigned for the 2017. The monocoque is the same as last year's car, but there are lots of drivetrain and aerodynamic changes that will improve lap times and adhere to new standards. There's no doubt this car will be seriously fast.

The engine is tiny - only 2.0-liters - but it's mated to an onboard energy recovery system with a lithium-ion battery. The engine is a very unique turbocharged V4 design, and total output will be around 900 hp in race trim.

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It is rare to see any car with a V4 engine layout, so we really like how Porsche has decided to use this unique design. Heck, the electric motors alone push around 400 hp. Zero to 60 mph happens in just 2.2 seconds and 0 to 120 mph takes only 4.8 seconds. Porsche has a long history of taking engines from its race cars and applying the technology to build road-going engines, and we expect great things to come from this latest development. For example, while the 718 Boxster and Cayman have been criticized for the weak engine sound, we would love to see Porsche do a street-legal version of the V4 in a road car. It would certainly be one of the most unique engines out there. Let's just hope it has the sound Porsche fans crave.


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