The New Porsche Cayenne's Design Philosophy Is Amazingly Simple


This is Porsche, after all.

Jeremy Clarkson once called Porsche’s designers the laziest of the bunch. Always the comedian, that one. Regardless of what you think of Porsche’s designs, what’s long been consistent is proper proportions, once again evidenced by the all-new 2019 Cayenne. At first glance it looks awfully similar to its immediate predecessor. That’s because it is, and Porsche’s designers were well aware of this. The second generation Cayenne had excellent overall proportions, and the design team didn’t want to mess too much with success.

Aside from new detailing and Porsche’s new wraparound taillights, perhaps the new Cayenne’s most significant change is a flatter roof line, lending to a sportier overall appearance. Remember, Porsche always likes to say its SUVs have sports car genes.

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But the bottom line philosophy to Porsche design, or really any vehicle design for that matter, comes down to three factors: proportion, proportion, and proportion. We’re not making that up; it comes straight from Porsche design chief Michael Mauer. We’ll be on hand when Porsche debuts its new Cayenne to the public next week at Frankfurt, so expect a whole bunch of live images.