The New Renault Alpine Will Debut This Week At Monte Carlo

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Sources say the much-anticipated rebirth of the Renault Alpine is only days away.

Renault has been teasing the hotly-anticipated rebirth of its acclaimed Alpine sports car for some time now. The Alpine Vision Concept looked absolutely stunning, and while we've had some tasty spy shots to savor, we've been getting impatient waiting for the production model to be unveiled. The manufacturer has been hinting that a full reveal is imminent, but now we finally have a date: according to French site Automobilist, inside sources have suggested that the new Alpine will debut at the Monte Carlo rally this Sunday in its final production form.


In truth, we didn't think we would be seeing the production-ready Alpine until the 2017 Geneva Show in March, so this is much sooner than expected. Rumored to be called the A120 as a successor to the A110, Renault's lightweight, mid-engined sports car will be taking on the likes of the agile Alfa Romeo 4C, and is believed to be powered by a turbocharged 1.8-liter variant of the four-cylinder engine found in a Renault Clio RS, with a power output between 250 and 300 horsepower. The lightweight nature of the car (it will weigh less than 1000 kg) means its acceleration will be brisk, with a 0-62 mph time of four seconds.

While the Alpine is set to make its mark in Europe this year priced between 55,000 and 60,000 Euros (around $58k - $63k), it still isn't certain whether it will be released in the US, but Renault has said before that it's a possibility: "Right now, we're not excluding anything," the manufacturer stated at last year's Geneva. "So first, we're doing [a sports car], starting in Europe and then looking at other markets after. We're not excluding anything today, but there's no specific strategy to get to the US today." This week's reveal should hopefully provide confirmation. Here's hoping that the Alpine will still get released Stateside later down the line.

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