The New Renault Megane Grand Coupe Is The French Car Americans Would Die For

Americans would totally buy the new Megane if given the chance!

Renault has just unveiled the sedan version of the Megane hatchback which it has dubbed the Megane Grand Coupe. The new sedan body style offers the same front-end design as the hatchback but actually provides more storage space in the form of a 503-liter trunk (434 liters are on offer in the hatchback). The Grand Coupe has the same engine choices, including a 115-hp 1.6-liter and a 130-hp turbocharged 1.2-liter. There is also a 1.5-liter diesel engine with 90 hp, 110 hp, and 130 hp.

Of course, like all Renaults, the Megane Grand Coupe has almost no chance of being sold in the US. However, we thought we'd share it because it looks like a car that Americans would actually want to buy. The exterior looks good enough to compete with compact luxury cars like the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA. Americans don't buy hatchbacks but will be happy to buy one that has been turned into a four-door-coupe. Just look at the A-Class, which had to be turned into the CLA and GLA to be sold in the US. It probably won't happen, but we think that the Megane would sell well in the US if Renault wanted to make a comeback. It would probably need to fit it with a bigger engine, though.

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