The New Top Gear Is Being Delayed And Will Only Be...Six Episodes!?

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Call it the first season blues.

The excitement and buzz generated by the big announcement of Matt Le Blanc, Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, and Rory Reid joining Chris Evans as the new presenters of the rebooted Top Gear might begin to wind down a bit because of this latest news. According to sources including The Daily Mail and The Sun, the new Top Gear won't make its previously schedule May 8 premiere date. The first new episode will (as of now) air on May 22. But there's an even bigger issue:

The first season will now consist of six episodes instead of the originally planned eight. So what's the problem here? Well, several. There's been a number of production delays, such as an executive producer and script editor leaving. The BBC wants Top Gear's production quality to be on par with the Clarkson-led show, but a new crew and presenters means that'll take some time. Also, the network wants the first season to air before the summer Olympics gets underway. The Sun further claims that Evans is a "control freak" and that he was against bringing in Le Blanc as a co-host. Don't be shocked if that's nothing more than British tabloid gossip.

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