The New Toyota Corolla: Who Cares?

Japanese industrial giant replaces the best-selling car in the world. We try to contain our excitement.

There are cars we enjoy reporting on here at CarBuzz, and there are cars we don't. Put your thinking cap on and we're sure you can figure out where economy cars like the Toyota Corolla fit in. But here's the thing: Toyota claims the Corolla is the of top-selling car in the world, selling about a million of them every year. A million. So as far as new vehicle debuts go, they don't come much more important than this. Exciting? Hardly, but after six years of the same hum-drum Corolla, the new one (taking its cues from the Furia concept unveiled in Detroit) is a breath of fresh air.

That's important when you consider how far more stylish cars like the Hyundai Elantra and Dodge Dart have taken things in the last couple of years. New Corolla buyers will be able to choose from two specifications of 1.8-liter four, mated to a new CVT, an old four-speed automatic or a six-speed manual, helping it exceed 40 mpg. So it's more economical than the model it replaces. It also offers more interior space thanks to its longer wheelbase, and benefits from the latest technologies. Does that make it any more exciting? Not really, no. But it does mean that you'll be seeing a lot of them on the road, wherever you live, so at least it's more pleasing on the eyes.

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