The New Transformers Mustang Cop Car Looks Even Better Than Bumblebee

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Meet Barricade, and it wants to pull you over.

Last week director Michael Bay revealed the latest Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee and it looked sick. Set for its debut in "Transformers: The Last Knight," this latest Bumblebee is based on the current sixth-generation Camaro. But why not have the Camaro's real life arch rival make an appearance in new movie, too? Meet Barricade, the bad ass cop car/robot. One of the movie's stars, Josh Duhamel, released this image on his Twitter account and director Bay quickly shared it.

No exact details about Barricade were released, other than the obvious body kit, modified hood and that big rear wing. We won't see either Barricade or Bumblebee in action until just over a year from now when "Transformers: The Last Knight" opens on July 23, 2017.

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