The New VW Golf R Has An Official Price Tag

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UK pricing gives us a good idea of how much it will cost us stateside.

Volkswagen has been hard at work bringing new models to the international market, and while focus has been on eco-friendly all-electric models, it hasn't neglected its hardcore sports car fans. The high-performance Golf R recently broke cover with an impressive 315 horsepower, making it the most powerful production Golf yet. Orders for the new Golf R and its sibling the GTI Clubsport have opened in the UK and join the already impressive VW performance lineup, including the GTI, GTD, and GTE. While pricing for the US Golf R is yet to be announced, UK customers have received the bill.

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In the UK, the new Golf R will sell for £39,270 ($52,852). The 2019 model sold in the US started at $40,295, and the current Golf GTI will cost you $27,595, so US buyers can expect a price tag of around $45,000. Sarah Cox, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen UK, said: "Christmas has come early for fast Volkswagen fans, with not just one performance hero opening to UK customers today, but two. UK buyers love hot hatchbacks like the Golf R and GTI, and these cars will represent a considerable share of all new Golf sales. I can't wait to order one myself!" she said.

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The new Golf R is powered by the advanced EA888 evo4 engine which sends 315 hp to all four corners via a seven-speed DSG transmission, and Volkswagen's 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system. The performance figures speak for themselves: The 0 to 62 mph sprint is completed in 4.7 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating production Golf in the history of Golfs. As if this car isn't fast enough, Volkswagen will be offering the R with an optional R-Performance Package for £2,000 ($2,692) which adds upgraded 19-inch 'Estoril' alloy wheels, a bigger rear spoiler, and an increased top speed of 168 mph. The Golf R is rapid, but at $43,000, the 2020 Audi S3 is cheaper and quicker.

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