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The Newest Trailer For Gran Turismo Is Packed With Stunning Visuals

This game looks better than driving a real car.

This week, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will commence and we will get the details on all of the newest video games that come out this year. One of the games that will be shown at E3 is "Gran Turismo Sport" which is set to be released in November. The latest trailer for this PlayStation 4 game shows off some of the impressive visual and technological features. For example, a new photo mode doesn't just let you take screenshots, it will let you move the cars around and change the environment around them. Think of it as a car wallpaper creator.

In addition to the stunning photo mode, the actual racing looks great. There will even be in-game commentators to make the racing feel more realistic. Sit back and watch this visually spectacular trailer for this awesome looking game.

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