The Next Audi A5 Convertible Really Ought To Look Like This


And a beautiful thing it'd be.

A completely redesigned Audi lineup is on its way, and the recently revealed Prologue concept is a clear indicator of the new, more evolved styling language. We happen to really like it and think it'll transfer to those future production models just fine. Only last week did we bring you a rendering of the next generation A6 sedan with Prologue styling influence, and today it's the next A5 convertible's turn. Presenting the latest design project from rendering artist Theophilus Chin. It looks absolutely fantastic.

The A5 is already one of the most beautiful luxury coupe/convertibles on the market and it'd be a shame if somehow Audi managed to ruin that. Based on the Prologue concept and these renderings, we highly double that'll happen. Just look at it. This is the A5 we want. It's the future A5 we need. We'll find out whether this rendering is accurate in 2016 sometime.

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