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The Next Audi RS6 May Not Be A Hybrid As Rumored

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But it could come to the U.S. as a sedan model.

BMW and Mercedes have laid down the gauntlet with the new M5 and E63 AMG. These cars produce 600 and 603 horsepower respectively from their twin-turbo V8 engines. Audi is a bit late to the game, having just introduced the all-new A6. An RS version is on the way, but it may not be as powerful as we were expecting. Rumors indicated the next RS6 could pair the familiar 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with a hybrid drivetrain to produce around 700 hp. German outlet, Auto Bild, suggests the power will be much closer to the BMW and Mercedes.

The latest batch of rumors suggest the next RS6 will be offered as a wagon, although there is a minute chance a sedan version will be sold in the U.S. market. Power will still come courtesy of a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 shared with Porsche and Lamborghini. Rumors initially predicted around 700 hp, but the more likely figure is around 600. This is a bit disappointing considering Audi had a chance here to crush the competition on power. A hybrid variant hasn't been completely ruled out, so we can still hold out hope. Even if the U.S. doesn't receive the RS6, it will still get an updated RS7 with the same drivetrain. Rumors also indicate the RS7 could arrive with two states of tune.

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The base RS7 would produce around 600 hp (same as the RS6), but a performance variant could product as much as 650 hp. We'd like so see Audi be different from the competition. Even if the next RS7 doesn't have a 700 hp hybrid drivetrain, we wouldn't be disappointed with 650 hp from Audi's wonderful twin-turbo V8.