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The Next BMW M3 May Come With Three Levels Of Power

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But the least powerful one might be the one you want.

Rumors regarding the next-generation M3 include the fact it will retain a manual transmission option, and that it will borrow the M5's advanced all-wheel-drive system, which can switch to rear-wheel-drive mode at the press of a button.

Power output remains a bit of a mystery but new information posted to Bimmer Forum claims the M3 will be offered with three levels of power, each of which will have different options for transmission and drivetrain.

The post claims there will be a Pure version of the M3, which will be available with a manual transmission and RWD only. The Pure M3 is expected to produce 444 horsepower, which is the same as the outgoing M3 Competition. The next level up will be called "Base", which seems like an unlikely name for production (we'd expect it to just be called 'M3'). This mid-trim M3 will boast 475 hp mated to an automatic only and AWD. Finally, BMW will continue to offer a Competition model (though we aren't sure if it will be available at launch) with 500 hp. Like the "base" M3, the Competiton will only be available with an automatic transmission and AWD.

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There are a few additional details including what wheels will come on each trim. The Pure and Base models will each have 18-inch wheels in the front and 19-inch wheels in the back while the Competition will have 19-inch wheels in the front and 20-inch wheels in the back that will be optional on the other models.

All M3 models will include an M differential, adaptive suspension, M seats, and virtual dashboard and the options list will include carbon ceramic brakes and Merino leather. We hope this means the base seat option will be cloth, as is has been in the past. BMW is expected to show a concept version of the M3 later this year with the production version arriving in 2020.