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The Next Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Has Been Cancelled

Muscle Car

What is going on these days at GM?

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot about the Chevrolet Camaro, though sadly not in a good way. At first, a report claimed the current sixth-generation Camaro will not be replaced when its lifecycle comes to an end in 2023. This was followed by another claim stating there will, in fact, be a seventh-gen Camaro, only it won’t arrive until 2025 at the earliest due to continued platform development. And then we learned GM may take the next Camaro in a radically different direction by making it a pure EV.

As of this writing, no other new information has come to light. But this still leaves us with the current sixth-gen Camaro. Like its immediate predecessor, will Chevy launch a track-focused Z/28 as the ultimate Camaro? According to MuscleCarsandTrucks, the answer is ‘no.’

The report goes on to claim that GM initially began development work on a sixth-gen Camaro Z/28 but this has now been cancelled. Camaro product planners only got as far as some initial powertrain work and some business plan elements before the higher-ups pulled the plug. How come? Apparently, it’s because GM needs to free up cash for long-term financial security. It also needs to heavily invest in ongoing high-tech programs like Cruise Automation and future electric vehicles.

A new Camaro Z/28 was not the only sacrifice GM chose to make for these investments. Sources claim other vehicle programs were cancelled as well. Salaried employees were laid off, too. To pour even more salt on the wound, the next Z/28 was even slated to receive a unique V8, dubbed the LT3.

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It would have been a naturally displaced 6.6-liter V8 and achieve a higher redline than the LT1’s. Think of it as the spiritual successor to the previous Z/28’s LS7. Today’s Camaro ZL1 1LE will, therefore, remain the top dog Camaro.

Cars like the Camaro Z/28 are both niche and image products. Production is typically limited but development time and money is high. The way GM sees things, a business case simply couldn’t be made given today’s rapidly changing industry. Survival is key and some sacrifices must be made.