The Next Chevy Volt May Be as Boring as the Prius

Chevy is supposedly taking the conservative approach this time around.

We’ll admit to having always respected the Chevrolet Volt. It’s not a pure EV, nor is it a bland hybrid like the Toyota Prius. It’s a plug-in hybrid electric with a gasoline engine that’ll save your ass when driving cross-country. It doesn’t look like a golf cart with a hard top (that’d be you, Nissan Leaf), although it’s certainly not as stylish as its Cadillac cousin, the ELR. But unlike the Tesla Model S, the Volt is affordable.

Not affordable for everyone, but it’s cheap enough. It was a real breakthrough when it launched in 2010, and we’ve been hoping that the second-gen model, due next year, will be an even bigger leap forward in design. Apparently, that’s not so much the case. Edmunds is claiming the 2016 Volt will simply feature an evolutionary styling change. It’ll also ride on a new front-wheel-drive platform and driving range will likely be improved. That’s really about it so far. And that’s a shame, because the Volt has the potential to be a real looker. Obviously it can’t outshine the ELR in this department, but Chevy seems to have chosen the conservative styling path here.

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