Here's More News About The Next Ford Focus ST America Won't Get

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More power than the current car? Check. Manual gearbox? Check. Coming to America? Negative.

Ford has already shown off the all-new Focus in Europe, but it won't be sold in the US following Ford's announcement that it would be killing off all non-SUVs excluding the Mustang and upcoming Focus Active. This news was especially painful considering that Ford is working on the next generation the Focus ST and Focus RS, though no one seems to know for sure what engine will power the next ST.

Previous reports indicated the next Focus ST will use a 2.3-liter four-cylinder or a 1.5-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost, but Motoring now reports that it may keep its 2.0-liter displacement. Motoring also discovered that the next ST will offer an eight-speed automatic for the first time ever. A six-speed manual will also be available, but the addition of an automatic with paddle shifters should help the car sell to a broader audience, outside of the US of course.


We have seen the next generation Focus ST testing on the Nurburgring and rumors indicate that it could produce around 275 horsepower. This would be a nice bump over the current car's 252 hp, and handling will likely be improved as well. Hearing about the next Focus ST once filled us with excitement, but now it merely brings us Americans to tears.

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