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The Next-Gen Jaguar XF Will Imitate the XE


And that's a very, very good thing.

It’s hard to believe that the Jaguar XF has been around since 2007. It’s aged incredibly well, but that’s because it looked some damn awesome to begin with. But age happens and the next-gen XF is currently in development. Its soon-to-be-revealed younger brother, the XE, will face off against the BMW 3 Series once it hits the road next year. At that point the XF will be far along in its development. So what can we expect from the new model?

Autocar claims the new XF will be larger with a more spacious interior as part of an effort to separate it from the XE. Both a sedan and wagon will be offered, the latter for sure in Europe. But perhaps the most important thing about the new XF is that it’ll utilize Jaguar Land Rover’s new lightweight aluminum architecture. What’s more, the XF will adopt the XE’s lightweight aluminum double-wishbone front suspension. Jaguar has been pretty vague so far regarding which engines will power the next XF, but a good bet is that the supercharged V6 found in the F-Type (and soon the XE) will at least be offered. Expect the new XF to debut sometime in 2016.

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