The Next-Generation Audi A8 Will Be A Technology-Filled Masterpiece


Tesla better watch its back as this Audi will be a tech-monster

The current third generation D4 Audi A8 has been with us since 2010. In just six years the Audi has gone from being one of the most technologically advanced and beautiful luxury sedans to being just a footnote in a segment filled with cars like the new S-Class and the Tesla Model S. The next generation A8 is in the works, and after speaking with chief executive Rupert Stadle, Leftlane News reports that the new model will be the first Audi with advanced, semi-autonomous capabilities. And this is just the tip of the iceberg for Audi's flagship model.

With the new "Traffic Jam Pilot," the Audi A8 will be able to drive itself at speeds of up to 37 mph. Stadle says that "In this way, Audi will cross the threshold from partial to highly automated driving." We assume that after 37 mph is hit the adaptive cruise control takes over to help the car at highway speeds. The technology will rely on long-range radar, ultrasonic sensors, lasers, and several cameras. Aside from the self-driving, the A8 will come with organic LED lighting and gesture controls like in the BMW 7 Series. The new car will likely get a fresh set of engines with Audi's new electronically driven turbo. Styling will come from the Prologue concept, so it should be pretty awesome.

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