The Next-Generation Honda Civic Type R Should Look Awesome

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Here's a sneak peek.

After leaked patent images gave us our first look at the next-generation Honda Civic, we now have a great idea what the new Honda Civic Type R will look like as has taken these images and used recent spy shots of the upcoming model to render the eleventh generation 2022/2023 Civic Type R.

Pictured here in red, white, and blue, this is our best guess of what the new Type R will look like when it arrives in a few years or so. The Type R still keeps its boy-racer charm, but tones down the styling just a bit.

As with the current Type R, these renderings assume that all paint colors will retain the red accents on the lower body kit. The spy shots have already revealed that the brake calipers are red, so we assume other accents will come finished in red as well. These photos use what looks like the current Type R wheels with a red lip, but based on the spy photos, the new model should use a different wheel pattern that may not include the accent lip.

The new Type R should keep its hard-edged styling, but we think the new headlights and taillights look a bit less aggressive than the current tenth generation model. The headlights remind us of the current Accord and the connected taillight bar looks pretty cool. Of course, the massive rear wing will make a return, and the tri-tip exhaust is replaced with a new quad-tip setup.

Some rumors suggest that the new Type R could use a hybrid setup with all-wheel-drive, producing over 400 horsepower. That seems like an overly significant jump from the current model, but with hybridization, it is possible. We expect Honda to reveal the 11th generation Civic next year in 2021, meaning the Type R is likely a few years away.
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