The Next Generation Porsche Panamera Has Leaked And It's Rear May Break The Internet

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Sorry Kim K.

Porsche has just released its latest teaser video for the new Porsche Panamera and it couldn't be more useless. We all know that the next generation Panamera will be a fast car, but the video did not answer the one question that everyone is asking: is the new Panamera finally not ugly? Well thanks to the Chinese Internet and Instagram user porsche919hybrid, we now have the answer to that question. In one word, the answer is yes, but that alone does not do the new car justice.

That's because the new Panamera looks like another Porsche smash hit that has the potential to be a monopoly on the segment. Along with the press photos, the heroic mystery photographer managed to snap some secret images of the turbocharged V8 that will rocket the (finally) sexy sedan into the horizon with around 550 horsepower. With the engine shots came interior shots, and luckily Porsche seems to have gone all out in this area. Seating in the rear is limited to two spaces, but the tradeoff is that the rear passengers get a large touch screen to play with in case they are bored with the striking speeds that the Panamera will reach. Up front, the driver is treated to a standard tachometer that is flanked by two digital gauge clusters on either side.

The rear, the part of the car that really matters, will put the Panamera in a whole new league. Not only does it do away with the ugly, but it swings in the opposite direction and makes the car a real looker. To solve the bulbous rear end, it seems that designers have taken design cues from the strong selling 911 and stretched it. Effectively, they embraced the four-door coupe look and relegated the hatchback aesthetic to the trash bin. As much as some people hate the four-door coupe, we can't hate the looks that result from the styling. If you want to see more of the car, you'll have to wait until it's official release on June 28 but until then, these images should give you a much better idea of how far ahead the Panamera has gone.

If you want more, you can try to decipher some design hints from Porsche's teaser video.

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