The Next-Generation Tesla Model S Could Look Like This

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The styling is inspired by the Tesla Roadster concept's design language.

It's hard to believe the Tesla Model S has been around for six years now. In fact, the original design dates back to 2009 when the Model S Concept was introduced. Both the Model S and Model X will be getting a facelift in Q3 2019 adding a new minimalist interior to match the Model 3. Unfortunately, this means new next-generation versions of both models are likely still a few years away.

It's not a very ideal situation as Tesla will soon face some stiff competition in the EV segment from major automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche as early as 2019. Tesla will need to come back fighting, and render artist Emre Husmen has envisioned what the next-generation Tesla Model S could look like. Inspired by the Tesla Roadster concept's design language, the EV render looks more aggressive than the current model to help Tesla fight off its future rivals thanks to its more aerodynamic exterior.

Aero efficiency was a key part of the design to complement the electric sedan's blistering acceleration. A front splitter, side skirts and a rear diffuser reduces the car's drag coefficient, while a sweeping roofline and an abundance of aero surfaces reduce its energy consumption.

It's still easily recognizable as a Tesla, however, thanks to its C-shaped front laser lights and rear chrome element that connects the C-shaped rear OLED lights, as well as a stylish panoramic roof. According to the artist, this hypothetical Model S also comes equipped with full Level 5 autonomous driving technology, which could be a reality by the time the next-generation Model S eventually rolls out.

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Husmen has also imagined the next Model S with an "intelligent traction system" that allows users to choose between FWD, RWD or AWD thanks to its dual engines. Inside, the designer has added a massive curved 19-inch OLED screen mounted to the dash, a digital gauge cluster, and a customizeable OLED screen on the steering wheel.

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