The Next Hyundai Elantra GT Is Shaping Up To Be A Stunner

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Assuming Hyundai USA is going to sell it to us, of course.

It's by no means the most exciting vehicle in the world, but the Hyundai Elantra GT does have a few things going for it. Granted, the four-door hatch isn't a class leader in many areas, but the Elantra GT's overall competence makes for a well-rounded vehicle. Even though it's only been on sale in the US for a brief time, the GT's underpinnings are getting a bit out-of-date, so we'd imagine the current Elantra hatch will be replaced when the new i30 on which it's based rolls out next year. These new teasers give us the best look yet at what to expect.


Spy shots of the next Hyundai i30 have been shown on this website before, but the camo's been so good on those test cars that it's been nigh-on impossible to glean anything noteworthy from them. Now, though, it's very clear that the 2017 i30 will be sporting a clean and smart design, with the almost Audi-esque cascading front grille that's flanked by vertically-stacked LED daytime running lamps lending the i30 a rather distinct face. As with the current Elantra GT, the shape and detailing of this i30 won't make you wave your arms about in excitement, but these first official glimpses of the finished car's bodywork do suggest this Hyundai hatch will be one of the smartest-looking vehicles in its segment.

The other aspects of the i30 hatchback are also pretty promising so far. The car's value prospect was explicitly referenced in the official press release, with Hyundai also claiming the car will feature the firm's "state-of-the-art safety and connectivity [tech]" and a "dynamic" range of engines which we're certain also include the 260-hp turbo-four in the "i30 N" hot hatch. This good news will will mean nothing to us, though, if Hyundai USA doesn't decide to offer the i30 with "Elantra GT" badges in the United States. Hopefully more details will be disclosed during its respective official and public unveilings on September 1 and at the Paris Motor Show in October. If not, we'll do our very best to eke an answer out of Hyundai for you at Paris.

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