The Next Jeep Wrangler May Have a Power Top

Changes are coming, but the Wrangler will still remain a true off-roader.

Development of the next generation Jeep Wrangler is currently underway, and as we reported last fall - there may be some changes planned that not everyone will like. Actually, purists may even be downright angry. In November it was rumored that the next Wrangler, due around 2016, may ditch its solid rear axle in favor of an independent rear suspension. The thinking here is to cut down on weight and improve fuel economy. But this may not be the only big change planned.

According to a new report from Road & Track, Jeep is also now considering a power-retractable top for its iconic model. Fortunately, the manual soft and hardtops we’re familiar with will remain. This retractable option may end up being a high-priced option for those too lazy to remove the top themselves. Fortunately, the Wrangler’s removable doors will also remain. Sadly, however, what may be dropped entirely is the folding windshield and rear-mounted spare tire, due to safety and weight restrictions. That being said, Jeep promises that the next Wrangler will remain the tough off-roader it’s always been.

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