The Next Lamborghini Sports Car Could Be Based On A Classic


Could a new Lamborghini inspired by the classic Countach or Miura be on the cards?

The launch of the Lamborghini Urus next year will mark an important milestone for the Italian automaker. Not only does it represent the first Lamborghini SUV since the long-forgotten LM002 to broaden the appeal of the brand and boost sales, it will also be the first time that Lamborghini will be a three-car family along with the Huracan and Aventador. It's set to become Lamborghini's best-selling model – the automaker estimates it will sell 3,000 units a year. After the Urus, a fourth car will also join the line-up using a new modular platform.

It's been previously suggested that the next Lamborghini will be a compact sports car to rival the likes of the McLaren 570S. Speaking to CarAdvice, Lamborghini chief Stefano Domenicali revealed that it could also be inspired by some of the most iconic cars in Lamborghini's history such as the Countach and Miura. "GT cars, four seaters, heritage gives us some ideas, but it's up to us to think and move in some direction," he said. "Today we are not ready, but we are already thinking to see what will be the technical needs. Will, in 2025, a super SUV cannibalise a 2+2 or GT? We don't know yet. We need to prepare for different scenarios."

What isn't clear, however, is whether the next Lamborghini sports car will be positioned below the entry-level Huracan just as the new Ferrari Dino will sit below the 488, though Lamborghini is exploring the possibility. "I think some competitors are thinking of moving down and occupying that field and of course it's something that we are looking at, if there is space for us to go, but we need to make sure we don't dilute the value of our brand," said Domenicali. Sadly, the production of the Urus and a need to stabilize profits means we aren't likely to see a new Lamborghini sports car until around 2023 as part of the automaker's ambition to increase sales volumes to around 10,000 units a year.


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