The Next Mitsubishi Evolution Will Become A What?

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It's going to be nothing like it used to be.

With the Lancer Evolution destined to become a thing of the past, Mitsubishi is soon to be losing its only real claim to performance. But all that may change if this report from Auto Express proves to be true. According to the magazine, the company will in fact reintroduce the "Evo" nameplate on an upcoming model. But for those purists who are hoping for a lightweight performance sedan like the outgoing generation – you're about to be very disappointed. The next Mitsubishi Evolution will, in fact, be based on the Outlander. That's right, an Evo crossover.

According to Auto Express, the Evo could appear as an all-wheel drive, high-performance version of the Outlander Sport. The next generation of the Outlander Sport will launch with four-wheel drive, followed by a two-wheel drive hybrid. From there, the company's UK chief said, an Evo "isn't a huge jump". According to Bradley, "We're not at a point where it'll definitely happen, but we've got a lot of senior management talking about it." But can a hybrid, four-wheel drive crossover ever live up to the reputation and generate a following like the Lancer Evolutions that we came to love in the past?

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