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The Next Nissan Z Car Becoming A Crossover? Don't Bet On It

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Zed ain't dead yet.

Crossovers are all the rage these days, especially small ones. The Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V, and Jeep Renegade are proof. Like it or not, these cars generate huge profits for the brands behind them and that's what this business is all about, making money. So when Nissan debuted its Gripz Concept at Frankfurt last month, we knew we weren't the only ones concerned that it previewed what the next Z car could become: a crossover. Nissan didn't confirm anything at the time, but many began to speculate that the 370Z's replacement will be a sporty crossover.

For any self-respecting Z car fan, that'd ruin a legacy that began in 1969 with the Datsun 240Z. But then we saw what rendering artist frc82workchop created and we had renewed hope. By simply lowering the ride height, ditching that rear suicide door, and several other adjustments, you'll see how easily the Gripz can become a true sports car. The result is compact, low and wide, and stylish – exactly what we'd expect any 370Z successor to be. That interior? Looks very sports car-like to us. So, was Nissan just messing with everyone by disguising the new Z car in concept form as a crossover? We're willing to bet so.

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